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6 Ways to Wear the AURA Headband

“Fabulous without a lot of fuss,” was the idea behind the Aura Headband headwear fashion accessory. It’s made to be easily slip into your bag or “kikay” kit so that when the opportunity calls for it, you can have it instantly.

Here are different ways you can use the Aura Headband (To order, click here >>.):

1. Messy hair; don’t care. When you’re having those days that you’re too lazy to dress up and style, AURA headband got you covered. Or if you’re having a bad hair day…

2. Best travel buddy. The Aura hairband is a very functional accessory piece in your travel #OOTD. It’s a good way to keep the hair from getting frizzy while looking fab; your bus / plane / boat seatmate will definitely be happy to be not bothered with your hair straying to him / her.

3. Sleep mask. Need not say more.

4. Earwarmer. When it gets extra cold, it’s wide enough to cover your ears to warm you up.

5. Cowl / neck warmer. This is probably the most fashionable neck warmer you can ever have. You can use just one piece, or bundle them all up for additional warm and ooommmppphhh.

6. Boho-vibe fashion accessory. Getting a short notice for a party or a night-out? No way, we want you to miss it. Just put the Aura head fashion accessory, and voila, you’re set to go.

You might have a better idea of donning this fashion accessory, have one or all for your self now. The Aura headband fashion accessory is available in different colors. Order them here >>.